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    portada the secret of the seven seeds: a parable of leadership and life
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    the secret of the seven seeds: a parable of leadership and life

    david fischman · jossey-bass


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    business people around the world are struggling with the speed of life today. at work we are required to respond to information immediately, beat the competitors, manage the markets,  and generally be superstars while also making time for family and friends. these struggles fill our whole lives, and there is no space left for peace and reflection, which are as essential as they are scarce today. in this book, successful entrepreneur and writer david fischman tells us his own struggle for balance  through the fictional ignacio.   ignacio is  a 40-something stressed-out entrepreneur who is  utterly overwhelmed--he is at risk for a heart attack, is losing money at his business where employee morale is at an all-time low, and has no time or energy for his family.  at first, he ignores these problems, thinking that if he only worked harder, things would all get better.  they get worse, and  his doctor recommends that he try meditation to regain balance in his life. ignacio, still skeptical, finds a spiritual guide, who helps ignacio heal by finding his path in the secret of the seven seeds. the seven seeds represent the path to success and balance in life: self-knowledge, meditation, egolessness, service to others, goodness, balance, and freedom.  

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