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portada The Loss of Common Sense: Abortion could spark the fire of a second civil war in America. (en Inglés)
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The Loss of Common Sense: Abortion could spark the fire of a second civil war in America. (en Inglés)

Shaine Thomas (Autor) · Williams Rhonda (Ilustrado por) · Ellis Gwen (Ilustrado por) · Endoxa Films · Tapa Dura

The Loss of Common Sense: Abortion could spark the fire of a second civil war in America. (en Inglés) - Thomas, Shaine ; Rhonda, Williams ; Gwen, Ellis

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Reseña del libro "The Loss of Common Sense: Abortion could spark the fire of a second civil war in America. (en Inglés)"

As we head into the election year 2020, there is a growing dark divide in America, one that has not been this dangerous since the days before the American Civil War. Are we on the brink of a second civil war? If we are not careful, if we make just one-too-many missteps, our country certainly will be. We've all heard the saying history repeats itself. The American Civil War is no exception. This war was a result of several conflicts that should now sound eerily familiar to you as the similarity to our country's current conflicts is uncanny; the heated election of Republican President Abraham Lincoln, issues with state rights, and value of human lives (slavery). We now face the extremely heated election of Republican President Donald Trump, constitution and state rights of gun ownership and once again the value of human life (babies in the womb). This is the topic where my book, my plea if you will, picks up. I believe, in the future, history will reveal we had not respected human life just as many did not in the days of slavery. We continually try to redefine true life for our convenience and profit. This is due to increasing self-serving choices made with complete disregard for human life, and if not changed, will continue in the future. History reveals the given justification for death and destruction of America began with arguments over whether certain human lives (slaves) were true human life. It was argued life which seemed different from us, was less than us and less than human; therefore, savage by nature, and did not merit rights but instead were to be deemed personal property, as slaves. The declaration of Indepencae however clearly states that "that all men are created equal ", and there is no question that all forms of human life are protected by inalienable rights and these rights gave President Lincoln the authority to declare war on states that would not uphold the inalienable rights. President Trump may be forced to do the same. With his placement of two new conservative supreme court justices, the stage is now set. Hopefully, common sense will insue over all involved and human rights will prevail and conflict avoided. All human life is valuable, even when different or inconvenient. While faith plays a role in human morality in life and this book, it does not supersede the wisdom, proven science, nor facts this book's research discloses. Whether ignorance, lack of education, or loss of human morality, we commit this same fatal crime again and again against human life. The abortion fight will not go away until truth once again rules, as it did with slavery after the Civil War. The world has entered the beginning of a new age in humanity. To survive, it is essential we learn to not kill human life. Right now, in America, abortion is allowed in all states and post-birth and late-term abortions are acceptable in seven states. While nine states have limited abortion and some even as late as six weeks. Are we doomed to repeat history and destroy all knowledge and wisdom we have gained from thousands of years of history, as a society that climbed its way out of the stone age? Can we leave hate in our past and move forward with peace? Will a boiling point be reached in which the federal government will need to step in and do what its originators swore to do when they penned the Declaration of Independence "...all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." I hope so. We the people are responsible for our future!

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