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    portada Murmurs on the Border - Ubar: Fire on the Border - Book 2 – Ubar Joins Nescar to Protect Sarramya (libro en inglés)
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    Murmurs on the Border - Ubar: Fire on the Border - Book 2 – Ubar Joins Nescar to Protect Sarramya (libro en inglés)

    Jeffrey Connolly · Independently Published

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    Reseña del libro

    Having guessed the identities of eight dusty and weary travellers that wander into his home village, Ubar joins them to help regain the throne of Kussara for Sarramya. A growing bond between the two youngsters helps to bring about the success of their military venture and thus a crown for Sarramya. Nescar, a senior trusted advisor to Sarramya, is jealous of the newcomer and does his best to rid the court of Ubar. However, young Sarramya is wiser than many think and sets Nescar an important task which must include Ubar. Nescar oversteps the mark during a training exercise and beats Ubar viciously. Realising he was in error Nescar asks Ubar to become his second in command as they travel to Assur in Assyria to set up trade relations. Working together they fulfil Sarramya’s wishes. Ubar is sent north to deal with a group of nomadic riders called the Kaskar who invade Sarramya’s territory. The Kaskar prove elusive and hard to kill so Ubar is away from Kussara for a long time. Finally cornering the last of the raiders Ubar makes a peace treaty that includes a strange marriage deal. While Ubar is away from Kussara there is talk of Sarramya’s lack of kingly strength which causes Sarramya to decide to enlarge his domain and he leads his army into a southern attack upon Tyara. Quickly overcoming any resistance, he is challenged by Mahandra, the King’s daughter. He defeats her and beds her and soon marries her, but she resents the way he took her and the killing of her father, the King of Tyara, and sets about a plan to rid herself of Sarramya. She enlists the aid of a Tyaran warrior named Karidanta who, although willing to help her, has grand plans of his own. Becoming pregnant Mahandra calls for more help from necromancers she left behind in Tyara. In Kussara the necromancers find a cave deep beneath the city. They find the walls bedecked with ancient symbols and soon begin to practise odd rituals. They gain control of Mahandra through drugged drinks and continue their spell casting without any restraint. Mahandra produces three daughters before she seeks help from the necromancers to produce a son. Successful in producing an heir for Sarramya Mahandra now sets about her revenge in earnest. Her daughters are married off and Sarramya is drugged into helplessness enabling Mahandra and Karidanta to take over the running of Sarramya’s realm. Ubar continues to spend a lot of time away from Kussara keeping the peace in Sarramya’s realm. On occasions when Ubar is absent from Kussara, one by one Sarramya’s oldest advisers meet untimely deaths that are made to look like accidents. Returning to Kussara Ubar finds much has changed in his absence. Sarramya is ailing, New troops from Tyara begin to be placed in positions helpful to Mahandra. Ubar and Nescar are sent to Jericho to work out a peace treaty with Egypt and while they are on the way Ubar finds a valley that would suit as a place to live in retirement. Upon their return to Kussara Nescar is assassinated. Now that her son is of age Mahandra finally kills Sarramya and declares her son King. A reign of terror grips Kussara as supporters of the old regime are eliminated. Ubar and his followers escape the city and Karidanta tries to find them using the necromancers’ spells but when that fails he relies on the information from his spies and follows them into the desert. At a lonely oasis Karidanta catches up to Ubar and his men and Ubar leads his followers to a victory in which Karidanta is killed. The news of the death of Karidanta comes to Mahandra while she is in the throes of rejection as no necromancers remain to provide her drugged drink. Mahandra is killed in a knife fight. Can Ubar remain hidden from the new King and find peace?

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