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    portada A Rat's Tale (libro en inglés)
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    A Rat's Tale (libro en inglés)

    Michael Trott · Dixi Books


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    A Rat's Tale is the charming story of two sisters who are forced to go on a journey where innocence is lost, but strange and wonderful friendships are made. With their tummies rumbling and the cupboard bare, elder sister Lisa declares she's going out into the alley to find something to eat. Younger sister Hannah is worried because she knows a cat is lurking just outside the front door. Lisa cannot bear the thought of her younger sister going hungry, so when Hannah falls asleep she creeps outside in search of food. She's only outside for a minute when the cat spots her. Lisa runs for her life and gets horribly lost. As she walks the city's dark and scary streets, she fears she'll never find her way home - or see Hannah again. Lisa meets a frightening-looking creature she's never seen before. When the creature helps her to find her way home, both Lisa and Hannah learn they should never judge a book by its cover, and that the most unlikely creatures can become life-long friends.

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